Getting over the hump

George Clinton had it dead on with Bob Gun. "I got to get over the hump". Thankfully, I can see the hump now. First off, we'll pass the solstice in a few days and it'll start getting lighter earlier each day instead of darker. To me, this makes days feel more like going downhill than up. There is also been work. It's been a grind this year. We changed partners at the start of last year with only about three and a half months prep time. Since then, it has been non-stop with huge projects. Any one or two of which should have really been allowed several months to come to fruition. Just an estimation, but by the time we get them all closed (hopefully late Jan.) we will have done two and half to three years worth of work in about fifteen or sixteen months. I'm totally exhausted, and a bit burned out. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now which has given me a bit of an ~~2nd~~, ~~3rd~~, ~~4th~~, something-nth wind. This should net out to allow me some good time off to recharge early next year. Some of that time, I'm going to nothing more than sit on my tail at my house and stare at the wall, but I've also got my eye on some travel for fun. Who knows, I may actually have a decent work/life balance next year.... Place your bets.