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Photo Mechanic Bonus Points - President of the company responding on a support forum

I've been using Photo Mechanic [ ^ 1] as part of my photo workflow for a while now. The workflow itself is still evolving, but Photo Mechanic is definitely going to be a major part of it.

Most journalistic shooters I know swear by it. I've been very impressed but kept running into an issue where I couldn't get Photo Mechanic to play nice with Lightroom.

I started a thread [ ^ 2] on their support forum trying to figure out what was going on while I continued testing myself. My testing eventually showed that Photo Mechanic was modifying RAW files even when its preference were set to prevent that. That's what we call a bug. After some investigation on their side, the Photo Mechanic folks got back to me in the forum letting me know they had found the problem and have a fix slated for the next release. That's great in and of itself. Even more impressive is the fact that the person who responded was the president of the company who also thanked me for helping troubleshoot. The fact that the guy in charge is not only an active user but also works developing Photo Mechanic is a huge plus. It might be possible to build a great application without that. If it is, it must be a lot harder.

^1]: [Camerabits.com - Where you can get your very own copy of Photo Mechanic.

^2]: [My forum post about the bug - If you want to see my side of the process for identifying the issue all the way down to the president's response.