Music and Photography

I finally got a new computer put together.

Been so busy at work, I really haven't had time to do much with it yet. Till tonight that is. I finally managed to dig into some old photos. Mostly, I'm just getting them imported into lightroom. 2,577 music images so far.

It's sooooooo much better with a computer that can actually handle it. In the past, it was so slow, that it really turned me off from doing much of anything photo-wise.

While I think there will always be room for improvement, I was really waiting on the computer for most stuff.

That's the major hurtle to get over. Even though I really haven't done much messing around with the images yet, it really got me thinking about how much I love photography.

Now that I don't have to dread the computer time, hopefully I'll be more likely to shoot some. Of course, this will be after we get our redesign launched. But still, it's nice to think about.

Incidentally, here's an image to celebrate the fact that I can actually work with images now without wanting to stab myself in the leg with a fork to distract myself from waiting on the machine. It's the drummer from The CodeTalkers. Or, at least it was the drummer back in Sept. 2006 when this shot is from.

A black and white photo of a drummer taking from above at an angle. The drummer has semi long hair that covers his face as he looks down towards the drums. Both arms are raised with sticks pointing up ready to hit the next beat.

I've decided to decorate my office with some 11x14s of my music images. I'm pretty sure this is going to be one of them.