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That Guy In Saving Private Ryan Looks Really Familiar

May 2012

Spoiler Alert - Saving Private Ryan

If you haven't seen "Saving Private Ryan", a minor plot point is referenced below. You've been warned.

Also, you are way, way behind and should check it out this weekend.

I re-watched the fantastic "Saving Private Ryan" last week. Several familiar actors grace the film in bit parts. Ted Danson from Cheers, Dennis Farina from Get Shorty, etc... There was one I recognized but just couldn't place.

In the scene with Private James Frederick Ryan (from Minnesota), I kept thinking, "Damn, he looks familiar."

When the scene was over, I still hadn't made the connection and put it out of my mind. At least, until the end of the movie. Since John Williams did the music, I left the end credits rolling to enjoy the score. I wasn't really paying attention, but the name "Nathan Fillion" jumped out at me.

A quick trip to IMDB confirmed it. In the future, Private James Frederick Ryan (from Minnesota) would go on to become one of my favorite Captains of all time.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

Add one more mark to the plus column for Saving Private Ryan.

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