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More falling barriers to entry

January 2008

I had a really good conversation with some friends over the little holiday I had talking about the barrier to entry into certain professions. One of the biggest ones that I've seen personally is with photographers. With very inexpensive gear that produces pretty amazing results and the fact that film and processing is no longer required, it seems that the number of people in the photographic world on both the amateur and professional sides. I mentioned again that I used to carry a film point and shoot to the bars with me. I used to be the only one with a camera. If you discount cell phone cameras (which mostly don't have a flash that's required to shoot most bars), there still seems to be at least one or two cameras in every group of people. Photography, music, video are three things that I know of that the barrier to entry has been dramatically lowered. Of course, within each of the disciplines what really matters is the piece you produce. Check out this "making-of" video of some folks who have a little gear and a ton of ability. link

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