So you wanna be a photographer

This is an older article that I just saw by a guy named Ken Rockwell. It's called [How to Become a Professional Photographer](). It's long, but worth a read if you are in early stages of considering starting just about any business. He talks a lot about how the important part of running a photography business is the actual business side rather than the photography side. Also, about how important sales and marketing are. I've thought off and on since I probably about that time I first picked up a camera about having a photography business. I've worked directly for a few photographer and with a bunch more and freelanced myself for a while. From everything I've seen, the article pretty well nails it. Perhaps my favorite quote is up towards the top: < Would you like to photograph anything you want, anywhere you want, < anytime you want, any way you want, with a great professional < camera system? Would you love to travel to luxury destinations and < photograph whatever, whenever you want? The only way to do this is < to keep your real job and do photography on your own time.

I haven't been shooting much recently, but I couldn't agree more.