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Brendan Eich Ward Cunningham and Me

May 2012

There are two languages that make web pages work - HTML and JavaScript. While attending the O'Reilly Fluent Conference 1, I had the pleasure of meeting Brendan Eich 2. He's the creator of JavaScript.

*Unfortunately, I was experimenting with the settings on my camera and borked this shot a little. Alas... such is life.*

I also met Ward Cunningham 3. AKA the guy who created the first wiki, the forerunning of Wikipedia.

I feel smarter just for being in their proximity.


1. Fluent 2012: JavaScript and Beyond - The conference was very well done. Congrats to O'Reilly for putting on a good show. 2. Brendan Eich - Creator of JavaScript. Currently the CTO at Mozilla. My job would be boring without the language he created. 3. Ward Cunningham's Wikipedia Page . Not at all surprising that they guy who created Wiki's has his own WikiPedia page.

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