Publishing Jekyll Posts In The Future

As this site proves, I post sporadically. One way to help even that out is to batch the creation of posts together and then publish them individually at different times. For example, I might write up three posts in one day, but want to push them out a few days apart. The idea being to keep the site a little more active as well as increase the change that folks will read each post instead of just the first of multiple posted on the same day.

When I first started using Jekyll ^1^^ I didn't think it had this feature in it.

In the blogging world, it's nice to be able to queue up multiple posts for publication at a future date.

Being able to queue up blog posts is a wonderful feature. Allowing a batch of posts to be created at one and have their individaul publication dates spread out can help even out sporadic posting. It also makes it much easier to do Something-A-Day type projects. Just make sure