Opting out of more junk mail

Some time ago I discovered optoutprescreen.com which lets you tell the three major credit bureaus that you don't want to get all those pre-approved credit card solicitations in the mail. After I got my house, I was getting probably 20-30 a week. None of which I wanted. I have one card and that's all I want. Within a few months, my junk mail was way, way, way down. I've been meaning to try to kill some of the rest of it and have known about the Direct Marketing Association, but have done a little more research that points to the Abacus Catalog Alliance as well. It took me a little while to cross reference, but "Smart Money" has this article up with how to opt out. I also verified the Abacus Opt Out address by searching the epsilon.com web site and getting to this page. Epsilon is the company that maintains the Abacus database. By the way, if you want to freak out your privacy meter, jump around the epsilon web site for a bit. Once again, in some ways 1984 ain't got shit on 2008. In my searching, I saw another address for the Epsilon/Abacus opt-out, which may work, but I trust the Smart Money article and internal address more. So, now that I've had a chance to cross reference this stuff, I'm gonna give it a shot tonight. In a few months, I'll try to remember to post a follow up.