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Improvement that isnt really one

March 2008

I subscribe to a service called Safari Books Online for one of the premiere computer related book publishers: O'Reilly . Here is a snip of an email I recently got from them with the subject "Safari Books Online Service Improvement". *We have recently implemented a new, streamlined login procedure to access your safari.oreilly.com account. Going forward, you can enter your user ID and password directly into the safari.oreilly.com homepage. These changes will result in a more efficient and responsive authentication process for you. As a result, when you login to your Safari Books Online account, you will no longer be automatically logged into the network of other O'Reilly websites. Similarly, when you login to the O'Reilly network, you will not be automatically logged into your Safari Books Online account.* So, they tell me this is more efficient. Then, immediately tell me that something that used to work won't with the result being that I have to log in two times when I only used to have to do it once. I'm not the brightest bulb in the box, but that sounds like the opposite of an improvement to me. Granted, the old way was a little cumbersome as well, but this is more like a trade off of one inconvenience for another one. One step forward + One step back = no movement. Or, the Cha Cha if you are watching Real Genius. Unfortunately, that clip is not on YouTube, but what appears to be the trailer is: Talk about a trailer that has an entirely different tone than the movie it previewing. Also, I don't remember the the balloon chair in the film. Anyone else? (As a further tangent, it's weird that we still call them "trailers" instead of previews even though they come before the main feature now instead of after them.)

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