iPhone-iPod Touch has an odd screen size

I was looking up the aspect ratio for my iPod Touch so that I can size some photos for its specific size and came across this article. I had noticed before that when I was watching HD formatted videos (16:9) there was letterboxing. I kept trying to find a setting that was causing it, but finally gave up. Good to know I'm not that inept and that the screen aspect ration really is different from HD. It weighs in with a 3:2 ratio from its 480x320 pixels. It's more than a little disappointing. Only thing I can really think of is that the cost to produce a screen with true HD dimensions would have raised the cost significantly. Interestingly, this ratio is the same as my camera. So at least it makes that transition easy. Of course, I'm not a big fan of that ratio for still photos and tend to crop them to 4:5.