High speed video and full resolution in an SLR

I don't really do anything at all with video, but the idea of having a camera that can shoot high speed stuff is way fun. Back in Jan. Casio announced an upcoming SLR that it says will shoot 60 full rez frames a second which is wild. Also, they state it'll do up to 1,200 fps in video mode. All this for about $1,000 which is not too far away from basic entry into the digital SLR market. I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot more stuff on youtube in the next couple of years that were shot in high-speed so they have the slow-motion effect. Especially people shooting things, like in this one: Another very interesting thing to consider is the impact of the 60 frames/second at full resolution. The impact on sports photography for example could be huge. Instead of trying to nail The Decisive Moment all you'll need to do is play back the shots/video frame by frame and pick the best one. This is the first camera that I'm aware of where photo type resolution (like enough to print 8x10s) is able to be capture at video rates. In fact at 60 frames/second, it's basically double standard motion picture frame rates. Wild.