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Clear Cache Button - Firefox extension

March 2008

One more Firefox extension to help out anyone who does web development work or is otherwise interested in a quick way to clear your Firefox browser cache: Clear Cache Button . This extension adds a new toolbar button that you can access by right clicking on the browser tool bar and selecting "Customize". Then just find the new icon and drop it where you want it. In Firefox 2.x the clear cache got bundled in with a bunch of other privacy things which is okay from one stand point, but makes it a huge pain when all you want to do is quickly empty the cache and start fresh. This is another fine example of a relatively minor change that's made to a major product outside of it's original development team thanks to the wonderful world of Open Source software. Even though it only takes a few clicks to get to the original functionality, when you are in the middle of a development effort you end up needing to do it a lot so the time can add up to a decent amount. Worse for me is that it requires switching mental modes for a few seconds. This can really reduce the thinking momentum. I don't have a way to quantify this type of change cost, but I'm sure it has an impact. And depending on how much of a break it causes in the thought process (even for only a few seconds), it can be significant for me.

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