Raving With Lasers

I don't frequent clubs but ended up at one last night called TSI. There's some nice lighting in there.

An image taken looking towards a multi-colors spot-light with alternating rays of green and red emanating outward to the edges of the frame at random intervals. The silhouette of a crowd takes up the lower portion of the frame with an overall blue haze permeating the scene

A silhouette of a raver in the middle of a dance floor backed with red spot lights and green lasers. To the right of the image is an area bathed in white light that is backlighting the DJ

I shot these with my Canon S100. I was just messing around last night, but now I want to go back and shoot for real. Time to go buy some glow sticks.


  • Club TSI

    According to their website: North Florida's Premiere Dance Club. I don't have anywhere near enough knowledge on the subject to know if that's true. I _can__ say the light show is well done.

    2023 Update: The website is no longer there. Wouldn't be surprised to find the club gone as well. In face, I'd be surprised if it _was__ still there.

  • My current everyday carry camera. If you're looking for a point and shoot, I can vouch for this one. It's great.