Full Spectrum CFLs

A compact fluorescent lightbulb

Doing a little more research of CFLs. Trying to pick some to put in my office for viewing prints. Seems that the important factors are color temperature (which I knew) and the color rendering index rating (which I was unfamiliar with).

The higher the color rendering index, or C.R.I. the closer to nature sunlight and the more accurate colors will appear.

Without getting into to many details, most CFLs that are considered "Full Spectrum" have a C.R.I. of 80-86. The BlueMax line put out by the aptly named Full Spectrum Solutions are described as having a C.R.I. of 96. They should be very close to sunlight.

They are more expensive than some of the other lights out there, but I figure if their marketing is accurate and they are going to last years like CFLs tend to do, it's worth it. Going to get one to take a look at and then more if it seems like it's as good as advertised.