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Relaxed but not really rested

June 2008

I took a much needed break from the day job a week and a half ago and attended another Supershoots event. Was gone for about 7 days and it was great. I really needed to get away. I have come back very much refreshed and relaxed. Just not very rested. There is a ton of shooting and mentoring that goes on during the events, and when that's not happening there's a lot of partying. Like all the other events I've done like this, I'm so amped during the entire thing that I don't notice how little sleep I'm getting. It's amazing how our bodies can respond to opportunities like that. Of course, when you get back to the real world, the payback is pretty high. On the first day I was back, after a day in the office I was in bed by 8pm and slept for a solid twelve hours. Next time I do one of these I should really schedule an extra day of vacation to take at the house just to catch up on sleep.

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