Kickoff Saturday Elephant

A carved ebony elephant seen from head-on. Lighting on each side is making highlights that provide crisp edges against the background which is a soft focus, white Alabama 'A' logo on a crimson field that takes up the entire background of the frame

Huzzah! Bama Football starts tonight!

To finish the elephant countdown, I'm changing things up a little. The elephants in the rest of the countdown were gifts my mom has given me since I moved to Florida (A.K.A. Enemy Territory). Today's elephant was given to me by my dad when I was about five. We were living in Virginia. He had taken a business trip to Africa and brought this little fella back to give me as a souvenir. The piece is made of ebony with ivory tusks.

I've treasured this guy since long before we moved to Alabama or attended The Capstone. It's neat that something I loved so much as a kid has such a connection to the rest of my life.

Here's hoping everyone has a great season and the players for each team stay healthy and safe.

Roll Tide