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Steve Inglima Teaching at Photoshop World

My passion for photography reignited recently. To further fuel the flame, I'm attending Photoshop World this week. On Tuesday, I attended the "Canon Live Shoot" workshop that's part of the conference. It looked like a great opportunity to watch top pros teach and learn a little something. It did not disappoint.

The instructors were Jack Reznicki, Eddie Tapp, and Steve Inglima. I spent the majority of the shooting session in Steve's group. Of course, I took the opportunity to shoot a little behind the scenes shot with my Canon S100 point and shoot.

Steve was a great teacher. He did a fantastic job of working with all the photographers and our model Michelle. Part of the workshop included a competition where the entire Photoshop World audience picked the best photo from the day's shoot. One of the images Steve setup won. Sadly, it wasn't my image, but I'm still happy with my shot.

Anyone familiar with DK's work will easily be able to tell he's been my mentor for the past couple of decades.

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