Video draws traffic and the 3 rules of the net

More and more the content I see come across my new reader contains video, and the quality of that video (both technically and content wise) continues to increase. Most of the video I consume is not from the original site. More often than not it's a youTube video that is embedded on another site. If you are just going for views of your video this is fine, but the real key is to make sure that views know who the hell you are. I expect to see an increasing number of people posting little banners at the start and end of their videos that contain their specific web site. This is critical if the creator wants to draw traffic to their own site and generally speaking, this is the goal since that's where the ads served make them money. Here's an entertaining example I found on Laughing Squid: Song \# 10! “3 Rules of the Internet” from NOTE: For those of you who are afraid of monkeys, don't worry about the slate in the video window. Other than that photo, I don't think monkeys even make an appearance.