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I Have No Faith In Lost

January 2009

I just read a post titled How Lost bends the rules on Boing Boing . I'm one of the people the article talks about that dropped out of the show some time ago and hasn't watched it since.

I think it was in the middle of the second season I got tired of the constant "twist". I remember a promo that ran before one of the episodes that was along the lines of "Three answers to big questions in tonight's episode".

Of course, there weren't any real answers and they actually piled on more questions.

I love the idea of a show where you aren't spoon fed everything in the first five minutes and I'm a huge fan of complexity in stories. Battlestar Galactica being a prime example .

WhenI first start watching "Lost" I thought it might be like that, but in the second season those thoughts quickly soured. The producers of Battlestar have said that they really wanted the overall narrative to have a beginning, middle and end. They didn't want to create something that, if it became highly successful, just went on and on simply because it was attracting viewers.

My impression of Lost became that their producers were doing just the opposite. I had visions of them sitting around a table every few weeks pitching ideas for what kinda crazy, off-the-wall shit they could come up with next.

I hope I'm wrong and that when the series wraps up, it turns out that it really was a hugely complex and intricately assembled narrative. Based on how it felt like I was getting jerked around to the point where I stopped watching, I'm not optimistic.

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