Watch for more video reviews and demos

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Video product demos are such a good idea. Compared to reading a few bullet points, seeing a thumbnail image and maybe a slightly larger photo, the marketing power of video demos is tremendous.

Unless you are buying a piece of art, you're almost certainly going to have physical interaction with whatever you're buying. Seeing a video of someone interacting with the item provides a wealth of information that is much harder or even impossible to convey using only still images and text.

B&H Photo has started to figure this out. While browsing their catalog for new light stands, I noticed this View Demo link that provides a video overview of some of their Impact brand products.

It's a good start, but there is still some room for improvement. For example, I'd like to see videos for individual products where they are actually being used. As a consumer, I want as much info as I can get about products I'm interested in. This is true in the real world and doubly so when shopping online. I may not use it all, but if you haven't answered all my questions, I'm less likely to buy.

On the other hand, if you show me a video of basically everything the product can do and how to do it, my comfort level goes way up and so will the likelihood that I'm going to buy it.

Video production and delivery is now well within the reach of even the smallest of businesses. Compared to the cost to produce and air a television commercial, a web demo costs peanuts. If you take my experience of seeing the video when I was searching for that type of product you see the extra benefit gained based on my state of mind. I was literally looking to make a purchase and then I found extra info about something I was already thinking about buying.

The video was helpful instead of being an annoyance that was interrupting the football game on TV. I expect we'll be seeing more of this type of demo from across the market. First, from people and business that "get it". Long term, I see it becoming the norm.

Longer term, these demos have the possibility of approaching the impact of commercials on TV.