Clips of content

There has been an increasing trend of video used for posts on the web recently. Often, this is taking the "embed" code and putting a video from youTube or a youTube clone on another site. This easy clipping of content continues to filter out as more and more people see clips they like and copy them over.

For the most part, these don't require any work. It's just a simple copy and paste job. Then, there's folks who talk the source video and clip and reassemble themselves to create a new peice of content. Call it Remix, Mashup or whatever, this type of clipping can also provide some very entertaining results. Two examples are below.

In case you haven't seen The Sopranos and don't get the meaning of uncensored, you now have fair warning that there is a lot of dialog that's not safe for the office. In fact, damn near all of it is considering the clip is billed as every curse word from every episode of the show.

_NOTE: Sadly, the Sopranos mash-up got taken down via a complaint from W.B._

And here's What from Lost

Kudos to the folks who put these together for taking the time to do it. They have much more patients than I.