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156 Pounds - Photo for October 28 2012

October 2012

I weight 156 lbs. At least, according to this scale. Ever since reading The Hacker's Diet , I've been tracking my weight. One way I do this is by taking a photo of the scale every morning. I then go back at my leisure and actually log my weight into a real system.

Normally, I wouldn't post these, but somehow I managed to go the entire day without taking another photo. So, this will have to do for today's shot.

Incidentally, if you want to lose weight, I recommend "The Hacker's Diet." Especially if you have a geek/hacker's mind. Thanks to my sedentary life and poor diet, I had hit 180 lbs. and was still trending upward. The book gave me the simple info necessary to reverse the trend.

Of course, simple does not mean easy. To lose weight, you're going to be hungry. That's not fun, but when you understand what's going on and have a goal, it's easier to bare.

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