145 Types of Levis or58 Buying Jeans Shouldnt Be This Complicated

The need to buy a new pair of jeans has arrived. Seems like it should be a simple matter. Until you visit Amazon.com and discover that Levi's alone has 145 type/color combinations of men's jeans to choose from. Talk about an embarrassment of riches. Unfortunately, this huge choice has some insidious downsides.

One of the most useful books I've read in recent years is The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less. The brain gets stuck in a loop trying to weight all the options to pick "The Right One". Or, at least, not pick the wrong one. Either way, the mind burns a huge number of cycles on things that matter very little. And therein lies the problem.

If only a few things in the modern day U.S. had so many options it wouldn't be that big a deal, but everything is like this. The result is a drain that leads to a type of mental exhaustion.