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Hold music should be mutable

June 2009

I ran into some issues installing the upgrade to Adobe Lightroom that required me to call their Customer Support. My standard operating procedure for this is to dial in and put it on speaker while I wait for a person to pick up. Like a lot of companies, Adobe has hold music to keep you company while you are waiting. This is nice in theory as it lets you know that you are still connected, but there really should be a way to mute it. Or, at least switch to a simple beep every few minutes. Not only do I have to wait for them to pick up, but I really can't do much else with the music blaring in the background. Event with the speaker all the way down, it's still pretty loud.

So, to all you phone service providers how about a little message in front of the hold music that says, "If you would like to turn off the hold music while you wait, press \*7." Same thing goes for conference calls and any other place where hold music is presented on the phone.

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