Holy Cow Juliette Lewis Rocks

I don't remember how I got there, probably one of those trips down the Wikipedia Rabbit Hole, but I just recently stumbled on the fact that Juliette Lewis is a signer. Unlike a lot of other actresses that start "singing careers" to have another produce to sell, Juliette looks like she's in it for the music and can damn well carry a tune.

I figured all this out when I found a reference somewhere to Juliette and the Licks. Looks like I'm a little late to see them live. According to that Wikipedia page, the band recently broke up and Juliette has moved to a new group called "The New Romantiques". It looks like this band is going to be much more about Juliette since the top result in Google's search for the band points to www.myspace.com/juliettelewis while the second result www.myspace.com/julietteandthenewromantiques is just a redirect to the /juliettelewis page. When you get there, the branding is all about her and I don't see a mention of the Romantiques anywhere.

There are also a few tracks on the MySpace page. They are alright, but don't do a whole lot for me. I like the stuff I've heard from when she was with the Licks a lot more. They were much more in that good ol' rock and roll genre. For example, here's a produced video:

But the real proof is in the Live pudding:

Girl can put on a show.

I've always thought that chicks who sing automatically get way sexier. Juliette is further confirmation. I never thought she was that attractive. At least, not until I saw her sing. Then she jumped right into the "hot" category.

One final note, I can't help but think an old college buddy told me about the her singing career a long time ago and I didn't take him seriously. I hope my memory is playing tricks on me. If not, I owe him a drink.