Subversion GUI for Mac

When I was running a windows machine, I installed TortoiseSVN to make Subversion a little easier to deal with. It worked well, but always freaked me out a little that it looked at everything in windows explorer to see if it was a working copy. Occasionally, this would really slow things down when navigating through network drives.

After switching over to using a Mac, I reverted back to doing everything for Subversion with the command line. Like lots of things, with a little practice, it's easy once you get the hang of it and probably faster to boot. Even with that being the case, I wanted to see what GUIs were available and found svnX. It's a stand alone piece of Free Open Source Software that provides a way do browse and work with repositories and working copies.

After a quick run through, it looks like a nice little application. It's a little slow when looking at the repository across a network, but for someone who doesn't want to have to mess with the command line, it's should make dealing with Subversion approachable.