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Bama vs The Braves A Logo Comparison

Two quick reference points for those who don't know me:

July 2013

There is generally little confusion to between the two teams in the sports world. Bama being a college mostly known for football. The Braves, a pro baseball team. Easy enough to tell apart. Unless you're only seeing a monochrome copy of the logos. A True Sports Fan might know which is which in an instant. Me? Not so much.

Whenever I see an "A", I assume Alabama. Since Tuscaloosa (home of the Tide) and Atlanta are just three hours away from each other, this doesn't work out so well. Anywhere a Bama logo might show up is just as likely to have one for the Braves and vice verse. More than once, I've given a "Roll Tide" to someone to get back nothing but a blank stare. To solve this embarrassing issue, here are the two logos side by side.

Atlanta's logo is on the left. Bama's, the right. Viewed together, it's easy to see how to tell them apart. Bama's logo has the serif sticking out of the top. Design geeks will know that there is an imaginary line that runs across the top of letters called the "capline".

Since The University of Alabama is also know as The Capstone, a little mnemonic device is to remember that the logo for The Capstone logo has a serif at the capline. (For non-design-geeks, just remember that the Bama logo has the pointy part sticking out of the top.)

Roll Tide!

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Update: A friend, who happens to be an Auburn fan, commented to say, "It's easy to tell them apart. The Bama one has a mullet." While not the way I'd care to think of it, that's too good not to add. (See you at the Iron Bowl , Deason)

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