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Geek Desk Color Change

I have two Geek Desks 1. One at the house. Another at the office. I'm a huge fan. Using them to get off my ass for at least a bit each day has been nice. The cumulative effect has been profound. I no longer feel like I'm slowly turning into a slug.

My only regret is going with "silver" (i.e. gray) instead of black for the house desk. That choice has bugged me ever since. I picked the better option when I bought the one for the office. Of course, that increased the annoyance with the gray one sitting at home.

While replacing the flooring at the house, I realized I had am opportunity to address this. With everything moved out of the room and not caring about the soon-to-be-removed carpet, a few cans of spray paint were all that was needed.

September 2013

Much better.

It's not a "complete solution." The internal sections of the legs that move to do the actual raising and lowering are lubricated. Covering them in paint seemed a poor choice. So, they remain the same old gray.

When the desk is raised, this can be seen from a distance, but it's not noticeable when actually at the desk. That works out just fine.

I highly recommend an automatic, adjustable, sitting/standing desk (a la Geek Desk) for anyone who spends the majority of their workday at a computer. It's a great way to help reverse the slow slide to slugdom.

Just make sure to go with the black legs to save yourself some hassle.

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