Creative Writing Is Rewardingly Hard Work

It bears repeating, create writing is hard work. I'm saying that more for me than for you.

It helps me remember it's natural for pieces to take hours to write and the drain on the focus and effort fuel tanks will be noticable.

The piece I wrote on Abandoingn Websites started as a draft on Feb. 4, 2013. I don't remember exactly, but I probably spent an hour on the first draft. I tinkered with it a few times for maybe another 30 minutes between that draft and September 1, 2014. That day, I spent three and a half hours working on it myself and another hour working with an editor. That five hour total seems like a long time for something that's only 700 words long.

I know from experience that I produce thousands of words in email in six hours. Of course, those are written for an audience of one or just a few at most.

Factors that make the difference:

- Email is ephemerial - The audience for the email is explictly known - The history of the topic knowledge by the audience is understood (reference entymeme)