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I Future Cyborg

September 2014

Generation Cyborg is coming.

People who grow up with some type of electronic device inside them virtually their entire lives.

I am going to be a Cyborg. Short of a premature death, it's a virtual certainty.

The concept of a human-machine hybrid has been a staple of Sci-Fi for generations.

We didn't notice that they are already here.

My working definition of a Cyborg as a person who has one or more electronic devices permanently embedded under their skin.

Footnote for Cyborg definition: I'm still trying to figure out if my working definition of a Cyborg should require the electronics to interact with the body. For example a sub-dermal RFID would be an permanently embedded but not have a direct iteration with the body. I'm leaning toward yes, because the RFID would provide automated, electronic interactions with the environment.

The specific enhancements I get are too be determined. It's unlikely they'll include

For purposes of this piece, I'm defining

Generation Cyborg.

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