My Site Audience

TODO: Make a VENN Diagram showing a few of your possible audiences.

Know Your Audience. A constant theme in the publishing industry.

Trying to think about the audience for my site as a whole doesn't work. My pieces are far too spread out in the thought space for that.

Photographers Programmers Alabama Fans Myself in the future Programmers who are new to ruby People who want to build a home file server People who want to build their own DVR. People who like power tools. Developer Designers

If I only wrote for the most limited of those, this site wouldn't be a web site. It would be the contents of my Grimoire

Instead of trying to think about that from the site perspecrtive, I focus each peice for an audience. This make the site a multi-segmented audice.

I suppose I should stop calling this a blog and just call it my site.