Finding SATA Cables for SeaSonic Power Supplies

_(The purpose of this post is to show up in search results so other folks don't have to spend their time tracking down these hard-to-find links.)_

This is one of those rare cases of Google not knowing where to find something I'm looking to buy^1^^. Nothing exotic or illicit. Just a power cable.

I'm building a server with a bunch of drives to store my digital life. The power supply is made by a company called SeaSonic. It's perfect, except for one thing. It didn't come with enough cables for all the connections I need. SeaSonic's site lists additional cables as available accessories^2

The specific cable is the SeaSonic "Serial ATA Power Connector" model: SS-SATA-55-03. The supplier is Build To Order Servers^4^^ and they have it listed as "Seasonic 6pin to three SATA connectors Modular Cable](". They also have a [6pin to four SATA connectors version.

Besides the "SS-SATA-55-03" cable, the BTOS folks have a Seasonic 6pin to three Molex connectors Modular Cable which SeaSonic lists as their IDE Power Connector - Model: SS-IDE-55-03.

With luck, searching for those model numbers will bring up this page and folks can skip to the buying part. If you found this page via a search, I hope it helps.

Side note to companies selling things on the web: Include the model number of the parts you sell or you're leaving money on the table.

_Footnotes and Links_

1. I'm sure I would have found it eventually with enough Google triangulation and a trip through the wasteland that is pages 2 through ∞ of the search results. There was one hopeful looking link in the first page of results. It didn't work out. Instead of actually selling the cable the only option was to fill in a "Send Enquiry" (sp) form that asks for an email. All the other links were to forums where others are looking for the same cable. 2. SeaSonic's Accessories page. 3. There should be a name for the little dollop of dread that comes from finally breaking down and deciding to use the "Contact Us" form/email. It wasn't warranted in this case. The SeaSonic's folks got back to me quickly with the links I needed. 4. Build To Order Servers, officially BTOS Integration, Inc. They'll also customize cables for you to adjust the length or add more connectors.