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Email Feature Request - Auto File And Auto Forward

January 2015

Post about two features you'd like to see in email clients.

Auto daily forward -------------------

There are some people who don't respond to email until it's been forwarded to them repeatedly. There are lots of reasons for this ranging from overwork to flat out disrespect but the reason doesn't matter. It puts the empetitis on the send to do the following up. Since everyone is overworked it's hard to remember to do it every day (also because most people can be counted on to respond). My soultion for that is a daily auto forward tool.

Pick a message that you send and a time of day to re-forward it. The system would keep forwarding the email with one of several "Hey, any progress on this yet" type messages each day at the requested time. It would watch your incoming mail and watch for a response.

Ignore thread -------------

If you're on help desk type tickets, you'll get an abundance of follow up for items you're CCed on but don't have anything to do with and may not even care about.

This feature is a one button press on a message. It goes through your email and finds all the message with the same subject line and it's "Re" and "Fwd" variants. It then automatically files those and any new ones with the related subjects away unless it sees you're name referenced.

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