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A Bright New Light Bulb Idea

Innovation in light bulb design continues apace. The leading example is variable color, smart phone controlled LED lights. Yes, seriously 1. Even incandescents, the dinosaur of light bulbs, are evolving.

Traditional incandescents work by suspending a little piece of tungsten inside a vacuum.

March 2015

A new technique recently hit the scene. Instead of a filament, a smaller halogen bulb is wired inside the main bulb.

Illumination, Russian Doll Style.

There is also a hole in the screw cap. This would prevent a traditional incandescent from working, but the halogens don't need an external vacuum. My guess is that this acts as a pressure valve or ventilation. Whatever the case, it certainly looks intentional.

This whole hybrid-halogen concept looks like someone ended up with a ton of surplus halogen bulbs and said, "Hey, what if we jury-rigged these inside of a standard bulb?" and everyone laughed. Until they did it and it worked.

Definite points for creativity.

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