Remote Control Storage Solution Mod

Remote controls are amazingly good at being in the wrong place. Either in the way, or nowhere to be found. After decades of research, I've determined the problem isn't the remotes. It's the furniture. Designed before the invention of electronics, it hasn't evolved to accommodate them.

Until furniture design catches up, a few power-tools and some surplus wood flooring can provide a nice modification/solution.

Introducing Custom Remote Storage Nooks

A light wood coffee table on a bamboo floor with white vertical blinds behind it. Two areas have been cut out under the surface of the top with slats of wood underneath to provide places for remotes and a wireless keyboard that are sticking out a little.

A close-up of one of the cut out on the left side of the coffee table showing two remotes.

Besides tools and materials, the only ingredient necessary is willingness to make sawdust from your furniture.

Looking down on the coffee table turned on its side while I was cutting the entrance for the remote holding area. There's two inch wide circular starter holes in the support crossbar under the surface of the table with sawdust around them. A vacumme hose, a drill, and a jig saw are on the ground along with a pencil and ruler beside three remotes.

It's clear looking at the underside that the nooks are post-purchase mods. Few people will ever see that. Those that do will be admiring your handiwork.

The table has been turned upside down showing the flooring planks that have been installed to act as the bottom of the nook.

From start to finish, the mod took half a day. A fun little weekend project that neatly solves one of life's little annoyances.