Journal Sept 12 2020

Writing in a different app today: Bear.

Normally, I write in Sublime Text, but, I changed my setup a little bit for the live stream and it messed with the app. Previous, when I was streaming, I had the laptop mirror and the elgato streaming device mirrored. The trick with that is whenever I needed to do something like grab a password, I'd have to hid the view on the stream. Not awful, but not ideal.

So, today, I setup so that the monitor and the stream device act like independent monitors. Don't know why I didn't think of that earlier since that's how I use the mac when I have two monitors attached. But, whatever, it's setup and nice now.

The only trick is that Sublime text stuff. I don't know why, but the text that shows up white on the laptop monitor shows up black on the elgato. But, not all the text, just the text in the main body of the app. I totally don't get that.

Here's a screen shot of what it looks like (assuming the screen shot captures it)

... ummm, yeah, the is really weird... in the screenshot the text shows up as white. So, that should mean the issue isn't on the mac. At least not directly. But, like, that doesn't make sense, the screen shots black text, but what you take a screenshot it turns to the proper white.... like, what't the hell...

Anyway, I messed around with it for an hour. I'm okay with that, but it kinda busted my "write first thing" thing. And, there's a cascade to that. I was going to go to chick-fil-a for a chicken biscuit this morning, but I'm not gonna make that now.

I mean, if I lift right now, I could make it...

Hmmmm, you know what, I need to get outta the house, so I'm going to do that.

So, short session, but I got something down and I'll probably write more later. I know regardless I'll be streaming later cause I'm gonna keep going with the process I'm working on to get a couple scripts setup to put into alteryx to allow it to use MFA to talk to S3 and run the Redshift COPY command.

Several hours of stream from that yesterday.

And, depending on how that goes today, I'll mess around with other stuff as well.

I'm really enjoying the streaming. I'm not going to commit to it yet, but it feels like something I'm going to do a lot of.

I'm off to eat delicious (and, unfortunately, often homophobic) biscuits.