Journal Sept 14 2020

Okay, just got some chat spam and it kinda threw me for a second.

Just made it go away, to it's better.

Still getting used to this setup. I'm still looking at this entry by looking at the Mac through OBS on the windows machine. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be an other monitor so that I can pass the video through the elgato capture card and then see just the mac and have OBS and the twitch dashboard stuff on another screen. It's gonna look a little weird when I set it up. It'll make my setup asymmetrical.

Right now, I've got the single monitor that's centered in front of me. It's mounted on an arm over a stereo and then there are two foot high speakers on either side. So, there's no where to really but the second monitor to keep things centered. That would be the case either way. I want to primary monitor centered. (I don't understand folks who have two monitor setups and have them lined up with the space between them directly in the center of their of. Like, they have to always be turning their head to see whatever they are working on).

Oh, yeah. Something I used to do is post which song I was listening to when it caught me when I was writing. Think I'll do that a little again. So:

*Current Tune: Paul Simon ~ The Afterlife*

Just thinking about these entries. Like, I could set that up to be a link. I don't wan to do that now because it would take away from the flow.... Or, would it...

Let's try that again and take a few seconds to make the link

Yeah, that took way to long. Completely lost my train of thought. And, amusingly, the song changed while I was working on it...


Anyway, I spent a bunch of time coding yesterday. Well, a decent amount. I wrote a couple little functions that automatically launch the editor for my web sites without have jump into their directories. And, the cooler thing is that I setup some stuff to control spotify.

The Spotify things are neat. I used Keyboard Maestro to make hot keys to play/pause and to jump forward and back tracks. There are already hotkeys on the mac to do that, but they sometimes don't work and it's super annoying. Also, the keys are on the function keys and it takes me a half second to hit them properly. With Keyboard Maestro, I mapped the new hotkeys to the delete, end, and page down on the side of the keyboard. It's way easier to hit and it works every time.

What's also cool is I figured out that you can run the commands from my MAMP web server via PHP. I don't care as much about the play/pause and track skip, but the one that's awesome is that I can put in links to playlists. Since I'm always in the web browser that'll make it super easy to jump around.

One thing that's a bummer is that there isn't a command line way to fav/star a song. That's the big thing that I'm looking for. Lots of times, I'm listening to new music and I want it in my collection. I have to switch over to Spotify to check and see if it already is. If it's not, I have to click the heart. Either way, I then have to bounce back out to whatever app I was in originally.

Much better would be to have a hot key to do it. Right now, that's now possible with the AppleScript stuff I'm using from the command line. Buuuuut, it might be possible via the API. And, if that's the case, I can set it up.

The neat thing about my brain now is that I'm having these ideas, but they aren't bouncing around so much that I'm not getting anything done. Maybe it was that the ideas came to fast? But, that doesn't feel right. I'm not sure.

I just know that I can do stuff now in a way that I was never able to. Like all that stuff that I got done yesterday and the days before is hugh compared to what I used to be able to do. Like, I really don't know where my time went. (Though, I guess part of it was starting a bunch of projects but not really finishing any)

Oh yeah, I put another page in my launchpad web site, it's my Twitch Ideas list. Originally, I called it TODO, but changed it to just ideas. I added a bunch of stuff yesterday. It's neat because it's not overwhelming. I'm just mess with stuff most nights and play with stuff.

One of the next things before I do too much more of that though is getting my recent videos posted. There are three types:

- Journal Entries - Twitch Coding - Car Journals

Not sure what my approach is going to be for those. I'm thinking that I'll do Twitch Coding first? Like, I've got some old ones of those that I don't think I posted. Same definitely goes for Car Journals.... Some of that stuff is going to take time to process too. So, I'm not sure...

Okay. I think I've got it, I'll do the journals first since they are the most recent and there are the fewest of them. That'll make them the easiest to keep in chronological order. Then, I'll go back and do the Twitch casts keeping those in chronological order and finally the Car journals with the same thing where I'll post them in chronological order.

Yeah, that's a good way to do it. (Originally, I was thinking I'd post the last few days of Car Journals and then go back and do the earlier ones... But, I like the idea of posted them in the order they were recorded just to make them easier to deal with (I hope) by sorting by date posted to make a playlist)

Anyway, that's enough of that for now. And, enough of this.