Journal Sept 13 2020

Okay, trying something a little different.

I'm writing this directly in Hugo for my site. I had been writing them in a text editor and then throwing them in my journal software with the idea that I'd post to my site later. Realized in the wee hours of the morning that it makes more sense to just write them directly on the site. So, that's what we're doing.

I was going to fire up music for the live stream, but realized that won't work when I make the VOD from the stream archive. I speed the VODs up so it would distort the music. While I could drop the original audio and put in new music, I don't want to do that. I like the sounds of the keyboard clicking as part of the VOD. It really helps set the, I don't know, tone? of the the videos.

Just has me thinking a lot about the audio. Not the least, copyright, but for the audio for these, I'm thinking about setting up another Twitch account and setting up another stream that's just the music. That would give me what amounts to a separate audio channel that's independent of the primary source stream. So, I could just listen to it in headphones and put a note up for folks about how to listen along.

That might also mean I could get away with just playing spotify. I'm not sure if the audio account would get banned for that or not. Probaly. Worst case, I could stream the musci I licensed from audiio. That would be safe. And, that music is surprisingly good. I just need to get better playlists setup. I tried to make one, but it's not that great. Something for the TODO list.

Oh, speaking of the TODO list... I had another idea in my semi-consious sleep state this morning. Well, I had several really. It's nice that my brain is going again after all this time. And, it doesn't feel like it's going manic. I'm still getting used to it though. I sleep different. Well, I pretty much _everything_ different. (Have I mentioned yet that colors look different? And that music has opened up. Sounds like the first time you hear it after smoking pot.)

and,,,, shit, I'm writing this in Sublime Text 3 and it's not fully setup yet. Just noticed that spell check isn't on... sooooo. standby...

... time passes ...

Okay, better, not sure why that didn't default to on. Well, I suppose folks mainly use this for code editing, so I guess that's a reason?

Anyway, back to that idea. The first one. I'm going to create a full list of Twitter ideas and back that into my launchpad website. I've already got a TODO list that's basically what I'm talking about, but I like the idea of calling it ideas instead. TODO makes it feel like, i don't know not requirement, but like something you have to do as an obligation. That's not how I want to think about this stuff. This is just stuff that I'm doing.

The current list is.

- build a gif display page - Make a one click button to send Music URL to pinboard. - Put Date on lauchpad so it can act as reference for videos - add Atom feed - add logo for display on social media networks - add descritpion text for social media networks - setup `` to redirect to `` - setup `` to redirect to `` - figure out sizing on youtube videos to make the response - finalize getting photos response and pulling properly sized images - figure out how to drop content files into year direcotires to make them easier to navigate. - JavaScript text box to alphabetize thing - pull down videos and make a sound board. - See if you can answer this:

I figure I'll keep the list and strike through stuff when I'm not, it'll make a neat little thing to watch over time.

I had some other idea for things to add there, but they have left my head at the moment. Oh, I know one:

- create a discord bot that responds with the GIF of Luck Skywalker doing the salute before jumping into the sarlacc pit every time someone says "Goodbye"

There's a dude in our discord in Ireland who signs off while the rest of us are still on and I've been sending that gif every time. Feels like a good little project to experiment with making a bot.

And, that's another thing that has absolutely changed with the meds. I'm doing stuff in a way that I never have before. I always used to have a ton of ideas, but I couldn't hold on to any one thing long enough to get most of them done. The hypo-mania pushed this frenetic energy through me. I'm kinda surprised that I got anything done, but looking back, I realize how little I got done compared to what I'm capable of today.

That a bummer. I don't dwell on it, but when I think about it, it's... yeah, it's a bummer. But, not like a big one. Just like, aswwwww, man, that's a bummer... (Let me see how many times I can use the word bummer in one graph.)

So, yeah, I'm digging the new focus. Don't take the rambling above as being representative, this is just stream of consiousness stuff. I used to do that too, but I've got a better handle on it now. And, that's another thing. My focus is different now. Before the meds, I could get hyper focused but there would be this, I don't know, like jet engine push to move in me that I'd have to wrap my arms around to contain. That's not the best way to describe it, but it's close.

Now, that... overclocking? Extra energy? Over-volting?

Ahhh, I guess the best way to say it is that on a dail of one to ten, I was at thirteen and a half. People talk about going to eleven all the time like it's a good thing, but when you live your life at thirteen and a half it's an entirely different thing.

(Trying to figure out what to get into now. This feels like a natural stopping place. I was thinking a little bit about the folks reading this and kinda dismissed that idea because if I want to go, I don't want to limit what I'm doing artificially for the audience. This is more for me than for them (you, if your reading this and you're not me.) But, the thing I just realized is I can drop this one and start a new one. So, gonna end this one for now and maybe start another one in a bit... I'm a little journaled out, so, we'll see.

In the mean time, be kind,