Writing About Writing on Lithium

Okay, let's try this.

I've been posting my journal entries, but I haven't tried to write a blog post since I did my The Clicky Sounds post. That one took me like 50 hours to edit.

I'm not sure where I'm going to go with this one. It's a little like a journal entry, I suppose. But, unlike those, I'm going to clean it up.

So, right now, I'm just getting the fingers moving. (That's the theme recently.) But, this is all meta since I'm writing about writing, but right now that's what I want to write about.

(Actually, I'm not going to do much more of that meta stuff, it takes me off task. I have the thoughts, but it takes long enough to type that it breaks my rythghm. Sometimes, I've been using them for placeholders while I think. Like, "um", and "ah" style pause words? I'm not sure what you call those... ahhh. filler words.)

Okay, yeah, this is a performace are piece. That's the way I'm thinking about it. But, like an improvized one. That helps me relax about the audience.

Hhahahah. okay, here's the thing I thought I was writing about one thing, but now I'm writing about another and what I thought was meta commentary has turned into it's own thing. But, I just broke that train too.

Okay, I'm just going to write for a while in the same way that I do my car vlog stuff. But we'll see if I can stay on topic... But, again, I'm cool with it if I don't, this is just an imporviations.


I've been streaming a lot. Like, A LOT. Mostly, it's been coding, but I've done some streams where I make animated gifs, and some others where I write.

I've been doing this stuff and doing it in public and posting more and producting stuff. Which, I'm still hesitant to call "art", but I don't like "stuff", but I prefer stuff to "content".

Content is what commercial websites make to try to generate traffic to look at their ads to make money. But, art is stuff you hang on a wall.

That's the first order resonance of those words works in my head.

I'm thinking now of music. Music is art, but when I think of art, the first thing I think of isn't music.

I need a word like music for the stuff that I'm doing. I could say "streams" but that's too generic... I think.?

"I'm making all these streams"... actually yeah, I like that. The more specific. (The more specific is the name of my new band, btw.)

Yeah, this is an improvised piece. (And, I'm cool with calling things pieces). So, the types of pieces I'm making are:

- streams - posts - videos

Yeah, I like that. And then there are sub categories.

- coding stream - writing stream - gif making stream

That feels right.

This feels pleasant. which is good. (like, duh...)

So, there are a few potential blog posts in here now:

- writing about writing on lithium - performance art

So, I'm thinking right now, I may just post this entire thing. Kinda like a draft. I wouldn't call it a shitty first draft though. I love those, but this ain't that. This is more like a sketch...

So, where to go from here....

Yeah, gonna just post this as a stream of consciousness thing.

Gonna leave it here for now and start another piece on the performance art thing.