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Digital Gardening

December 2020

Some thoughts on digital gardening.

- You don't have to have things totally edited to post them. For example, I'd normally spend a big chunk of time editing this entry for the home page. Right now, I'm just putting it out. I'll edit it down later. - It's a place for ideas to grow. Things don't have to be complete or finalized. Growing them is part of it. - Thinks of projects and pages as plants to grow. Think of ideas as seeds. But, instead of keeping them in your head plant them and then work on them. - Experiment. Try new things with new tools. - Dial back the critical eye. Publish the incomplete and unedited. - Publish notes as well as posts. - Use curation instead of chronologial link lists. - Other folks talk about posting stuff they learn. I already do some of that, but this will go to the next level when I start publishing my notes, scratchpads, and snippits.

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