Live Coding Working On My Hugo Website


### Overview

I use a modified version of the Tale]( theme by [Emiel Hollander]( for my [Hugo website. In this stream, I make some modifications to it to hightlight draft headlines so they are easier to see. I also make some adjustments to the pagination of the site and then figure out how to change the syntax highlighting.

The code I used to highlight the drafts in my posts is:


{{ if eq .Draft true }}DRAFT: {{ end }}

Highlighting is done pretty much straight from the example code with:


{{</* highlight python "linenos=table" */>}}
/* code goes here */
{{</* / highlight */>}}

To use my own highlights, I ran this command inside my

### Useful Links - colorful

note that code highligthing should be done with the pygments thing in the config file at the root of the hugo site.

TODO: Look at this:

TODO: Look at: