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Starting My Project Tracker

December 2020

I built the start of my project tracker last night. I've tried several. None work for me. I'm after ease and speed of use. The all fall short.

My solution has been a plain text file. It works better than the tools, but it's a little unwieldy because of how long it gets. So, I'm building my own.

I've had the idea in my head for years. I even registered a domain for it with the idea of turning it into a product. That's no longer my goal. In fact, I want to go the other way. I don't want anyone to use it but me. I'm content where I am and have enough going on that I don't have energy for a side hustle.

Anyway, the thing with all the other tools is they keep adding feature after feature. I understand how that happens, but it's kruft that gets in the way. So, mine is really simple:

- List of Projects - Individual Project w/ title and text box overview - Updates with dates and text box details - Todo Items with a single line of text

That's it.

The only other thing I'm thinking of adding is a file upload. Since it's my tool and I control the upload I can have them automatically got to a project specific directory... Hmmmm, yeah, I'm gonna do that.

Worth pointing out that this is another case where I've been able to do something now that I'm stable that I was unable to do for years because of my hypo-mania. I can hang on to ideas and do the work in a way that was impossible before. It continues to be a low key super-power.

It's amazing (but not in a manic type of way).

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