In Which I Discover Twitter Auto-Links To The Wrong Version Of My Site


Another good sleep.

The shoulders are less tense.

You know, it's funny, lots of Twitter is folks doing a kind of self-deprecating thing. That's probably not exactly the right phrase but it's close. It's a kind of minor woe-is-me. The culture of the platform so rarely has good news. Or, "I'm feeling great!" type posts. There is good stuff, but it's the minority. Lots of times the, the woe-is-me stuff is written in a funny way. Like, making fun of misfortune. A kind of levity. I wish there was more solidly positive stuff, but it feels like bragging. Also, when there's so much strife it feels tone-deaf to post it.

I still do. I feel a little awkward about it, but I like putting stuff out there that's a relief from all the depressing stuff. In fact, the current bio on my profile is:

< practicing pixels, programs, and pronouns ~ i avoid posting politically because you could use a break every now and then ~ ~ he/him

Oh, shit... I just realized that Twitter auto links to an incorrect address. When I typed in the profile, I used: . Twitter converted it to The problem is, those are two different sites. The non-www one is my old site. It hasn't been updated since July of last year. Fuck, now I really gotta get on updating all the server stuff so the old version redirects to the first one.... Annnnnd, I just realized I can do that with some code. It'll probably mess with search engine ranking for a bit, but oh well.

Guess I know what I'm doing tonight for my stream.