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Webmentions Content Engine

December 2020

_NOTE This is a work in progress. It's the seed of an idea. We'll see where it goes and how it grows..._


Create an open web content pointing to system (can't come up with a better word right now because it's late.)

Basic idea:

- Use pinboard.in as a source of link

- Provide access to recent and popular by default.

- Let folks search for tags they want to add.

- Provide a way to remove sites/terms via block lists

- Wire up webmentions to produce a content feed based off upvotes.

- Add in Sentiment Analysis for the rankings.

- Some pinboard links will be just links and titles, setup a crawler to pull descriptions from the pages. similar to search engine results pages

- Crawl the web to find RSS feeds to pull in.

- Analyze the pages to provide recommendations based off magic.

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