Refining The Stream Setup

Good stream last night.

I'm refining things. Before I did the code stream, I spent an hour and a half streaming video tests. I ran thirty tests at different resolutions with different font sizes and different screen crops. This is all to deal with the fact that I work on a high rez 24" monitor but want the code to be visible and crisp at the default twitch window size for 13" laptops.

Unfortunately, Mac doesn't seem to have a way to keep a high resolution but just zoom in on the entire UI. I can raise the font sizes of lots of apps, but all the tabs and lots of the navigation elements are still small.

I figured out a good balance last night (monitor down to 1080, crop in some, and bump font sizes), but might have figured out an even better one this morning. (Yeah, I kicked around a little before writing the journal. Well, I wrote the first sentence and then kicked around, but still, didn't get it done first thing.)

Anyway, yesterday, I was using an accessibility function in the Safari browser to increase the font size. The problem is that it didn't adjust the rest of the HTML sizing. Designs would stay the same width with the words getting bigger inside. They'd blow out the sides. That was the big trick I was trying to find a balance for.

There is a way to zoom Safari pages, but every time I searched for it, I'd only see things that talked about zooming one page at a time. That's not what I want. It's a pain and I'd forget it. What I wanted was a way to set a default zoom for every page. I finally found it this morning. So, I'll give that a shot tonight. (No need to do a test stream. I've got the rest of it pretty well dialed in. This will just be an improvement to the way web pages look.)

I'd like to get to a high resolution on the monitor to make it crisper for me, but the UI would be very small for viewers. The biggest trick being the finder, but I may just let that go...

Anyway, I'm making progress refining my setup.

Also, I'm not just doing that. I'm actually doing streams. Past Me (which maybe I should call Hypo Me?) would have just worked on the setup in sporadic bursts without every sitting down and streaming more than once or twice. I would have maybe gotten it halfway setup and done a couple streams before bouncing to something else. I'm really enjoying the fact that that's not how thing work these days.