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Drawing From the Right Side of My Brain Part 2

Here, again, is the initial self-portrait from the first day of class.

December 2020

ALT TEXT: The initial self-portrait drawing I made in the Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain course. It's not particularly good in ways that I can't really describe.

And here, to my amazement, is what I was able to make at the end.

  The self-portrait I drew at the end of the Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain course. It's way better. There's shading and shadow and my eyes are in the right place and my nose looks like a nose

As before, everyone in the class produced art of roughly the same quality. Mine was again middle of the pack and again not far from the worst or the best.

I never thought I could draw. Even more, I told and convinced myself I couldn't. I thought it was magic some folks had that most of us didn't. I couldn't have been more wrong. It's a skill and skills can be taught. I'd always heard that, but never really believed it. Now, I absolutely do.

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