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Drawing From The Right Side Of My Brain

I bought Drawing On The Right Side Of the Brain sometime in the '90s. Flipped through it a few times. Always meant to read it. Never did.

In 2016, the son of the author came to town to teach it as a week long course. It was expensive, but the web site showed pretty incredible progress for folks who attended. I was half convinced they were just picking the best examples, but I had vacation I needed to burn and figured it was worth a short. So, I splurged.

It was worth every penny.

After the introduction and some general instruction, everyone draws a self-portrait on the first day. Here's mine:

December 2020
  The initial self-portrait drawing I made in the Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain course. It's not particularly good in ways that I can't really describe.

With the instructions we'd had, everyone's looked about the same quality. Mine was middle of the pack, but not far from either the best or the worst.

The class proceeded as an exhausting 5 days of concentration, learning, and drawing. The results blew my mind.

Everyone draws another self-portrait on the last day of class. A way to measure progress.

It was amazing.

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