Grimoire Publisher Spec

I almost just started coding it. Partially because I thought it would be relatively simple and partly because I was tired and kinda didn't want to do tests.

But, I backed off and got into the idea of tests again. Before that though, I started jotting down the stuff this script should do. It turns out to be more complicated than I thought:

Grimoire Publisher ==================

Publishes select notes from the Grimoire to the site

Overview --- -- hr --

- [] Loops through active and archive directory looking for files with YAML headers - [] Only process files with `url` keys in the YAML headers. - [] Make sure the URL starts with a `/` - [] Copies the files to a `_grimoire` directory with a sub directory based of the file's tag and then snake_cases the rest of the files. - [] Add last modified date to the YAML - [] Add originally created date to the YAML - [] Make sure you don't overwrite existing files - [] Make sure you don't overwrite existing URLs across the regular file tree - [] Write a log file of the files that are posted - [] Only move new or changed files - [] List all `TKTKTKs` in all the published files in the log file report - [] Configure the log file report so you can see it on launchpad.

Gonna be cool when it's working. It'll let me fire out tons of my notes simply by adding the little YAML front matter to them. Of course, I've got over 6,000 note, so the process is gonna take a while.