Learning Django By Making A Tutorial - Part 4

`youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI-u3Drx77Q`

### [Start: 00:00:00] - Review

Started off with a little review of the process and how we got here.

### [Time: 00:12:05] - Links to Sublime Text 2 from hugo drafts site.

I setup links on the local version of my Hugo site to open drafts in Sublime Text 3. I realized I want to be able to open them in Sublime Text 2 sometime. Made a quick detour to get that going.

The original links uses the basic `open` command with no flags which worked because my system is setup to open `.md` files with Sublime Text 3. In order to get files to open with a different app, I had to pass the `-a` flag to `open` which tells it which app to use.

Here's the code:

This is one of those things where it was a little annoyance, but instead of continuing to be annoyed, I wrote a little code to make the annoyance go away.

### [Time: 00:33:40] - Back to Django

Just making more progress here with Django testing and hooking pages up to the database for output.

### Table Of Contents

- Part 1 - Getting the home page to work - Part 2 - Reviewing the first draft and building a model, view, and url structure for a checklist page - Part 3 - Learning how to test. And, making a python module so that unittest's output is green instead of red when tests pass. - Part 4 - Part 5 - Working with forms and getting a pointer to generic views. - Part 6 - Review run-through and adding URLs.

### Links from the Stream